Millimeter Wave Channel Model And System Design Considerations

2015 IEEE International Conference on Communication Workshop (ICCW)(2015)

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In order to exploit millimeter wave (mmWave) bands for 5G communications, challenges mainly due to blockage and strong dependency on beamforming operation need to be overcome. In this work, we address some of the fundamental issues related to the use of mmWave bands for 5G communications, from propagation channel characteristics and modeling to the implications on system and network architecture design. A statistical mmWave channel model considering cluster-level spatial/temporal correlation is proposed. System-level simulation results based on the proposed model demonstrate the channel characteristics and system performance. Following that, key techniques in enabling mmWave system operation are discussed. Although we believe that mmWave bands can be utilized in 5G networks, significant efforts and time are needed in order to complete the air interface, device and network design which is shown to be quite different from the existing cellular design.
millimeter wave channel model,5G communication,beamforming operation,propagation channel characteristics,statistical MM-wave channel model,cluster-level spatial temporal correlation,system-level simulation,cellular design
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