Sacrificial-Template-Assisted Syntheses of Aluminate and Titanate Nanonets via Interfacial Reaction Growth

Journal of Cluster Science(2015)

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Crystalline FeAlO 3 /FeAl 2 O 4 nanonets were synthesized by a modified template-assisted approach using anodic aluminum oxide (AAO) as a reactive and sacrificial template to direct and promote interfacial reaction growth (IRG). The as-prepared nanonets replicate the morphology of the porous AAO template and contain mixed FeAlO 3 and FeAl 2 O 4 . To extend the applicability of the sacrificial-template-assisted IRG approach, porous anodic titanium oxide (ATO) was used as template in place of AAO, giving rise to Zn 2 TiO 4 nanonet/nanotube and PbTiO 3 nanonet/nanotube. These latter products are polycrystalline due to the polycrystalline nature of the ATO template. Growth mechanism for the formation of the Zn 2 TiO 4 and PbTiO 3 nanostructures is proposed. The present study shows that the IRG approach can be extended to fabricate patterned complex oxide nanomaterials that may find applications in a wide range of nanotechnologies such as electronics, photonics and spintronics.
Interfacial reaction growth, Anodic aluminum oxide, Anodic titanium oxide, FeAlO3/FeAl2O4, Zn2TiO4, PbTiO3, Nanotube, Nanonet
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