The Study Of Albumin Release From Silica/Albumin As A Potential Drug Delivery Carrier


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The drug-delivery field has been an attractive as well as challenging area for research. With the emerging of new formulated drugs and pharmaceutical compounds, development of good drug-delivery system (DDS) is crucially required. This study aims to utilize albumin as the drug template in silica/albumin/drug (S/A/D) system. Prior to designing this system, the interaction between silica and albumin was investigated. It is hypothesized that high interaction between silica and albumin may result in slower drug release over time, which is preferred for a good DDS. Silica and albumin (S/A) materials were prepared by using fumed silica and tetraethyl orthosilicate (TEOS) as the silica precursors. Three different S/A samples were prepared; fumed silica with albumin (FS/A), fumed silica with pre-treated albumin by sodium borohydrate (FS/A-N), and silica sol (TEOS) with albumin (SS/A). In-vitro release of albumin in phosphate buffer solution (pH 7) was carried out to examine the interaction between albumin and silica. The concentration of albumin was detected at 280 nm by UVvisible spectrophotometer. All samples were characterized by diffuse reflectance-UV-visible spectrophotometer (DR-UV),Fourier transform infrared spectrophotometer (FTIR) dan thermogravimetric-differential thermal analysis (TG-DTA). DR-UV results show that SS/A exhibited the lowest absorption intensity at 280 nm, which indicates better interaction between silica and albumin. This result was supported by the presence of Si-O stretching band of silanol at 952 cm-1 from the FTIR spectrum. Release study of albumin demonstrated that the release of albumin from SS/A was slowest compared to those of FS/A and FS/A-N.
Albumin, silica/ albumin, high interaction, drug-delivery field
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