Tagmantic: a social recommender service based on semantic tag graphs and tag clusters.

János Moldvay,Ingo Bax, Alexander Frerichs, Mirko Schuh


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ABSTRACTTagmantic.com is a web based social recommendation and search service which exploits the rich information within folksonomies. By developing multiple layers of organizational structure on top of folksonomies the relations between tags, users and resources can be utilized in order to create advanced recommender engines. The first layer of organizational structure is a tag graph which relates different entities within the folksonomy to each other. Its nodes are the concepts of the folksonomy presented by tags and the edges describe the relationships between these concepts. The second layer of organizational structure are tag clusters, which are build on top of the above mentioned tag graphs and represent the ontology of the underlying folksonomy. These Ontologies as well as the less complex tag graphs are utilized by the recommender algorithms within tagmantic in order to provide a unique and intuitive user experience of exploring and searching content in the internet. The methodology can be applied to different types of folksonomies which implies an enormous potential for future development of new recommender engines.
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