An ontology-based service discovery system for workflow composition

Vivek Misra,Sanjeev K. Aggarwal

SE '08: Proceedings of the IASTED International Conference on Software Engineering(2008)

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Grid applications are stand alone applications but a collection of services (workflows) with control and data flow defined between them. Service discovery is therefore, one of the most fundamental component of any grid workflow management system. Service discovery in a large and distributed systems, like grid, is difficult because it requires selecting a suitable application from a large number of services that fulfills users requirements. The advent of semantic web technologies has led to a new form of Grid, called Semantic Grid, where services are given well defined meaning. We use service description to provide a semantic based approach as a solution to the service discovery problem. It uses documents containing information about the services, algorithms, methods and tasks in a domain to enhance building of workflows. This allows workflow composition process to proceed even in the absence of complete information about the services deployed on the grid. We have worked in the domain of bio-informatics by building an ontology and composing application workflows.
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Key words
service discovery,grid application,grid workflow management system,service description,service discovery problem,composing application workflows,Semantic Grid,complete information,large number,semantic web technology,ontology-based service discovery system,workflow composition
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