Environmentally Aware Allocation of Electric Vehicle Charging Stations by Analyzing Locational Marginal Emissions

2022 North American Power Symposium (NAPS)(2022)

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Popular because they do not produce direct greenhouse gas emissions, many electric vehicles (EVs) have entered the market. For this reason, there is a need for the optimal placement of charging stations, considering not only the cost efficiency but also the environmental impact. This study proposes a method to identify EV charging station locations based on marginal prices and emissions at different locations in power systems. In this method, marginal emission factors (MEF) and locational marginal prices (LMP) are obtained at different locations in a system, and then these results were used to assess the ideal locations for EV charging stations. The method was implemented on a modified RTS-96 test system and the MEF and LMP were obtained on an hourly basis for a representative year, and the appropriate locations of EV charging stations were identified accordingly.
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Key words
charging station allocation,electricity market,electric vehicles (EV),emissions,environmental impact
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