Zhiwei Li is a researcher in the Web Search & Mining Group at Microsoft Research Asia in Beijing. He currently works on large-scale object recognition project. His research interests include computer vision, object recognition and machine learning. Zhiwei joined Microsoft Research Asia in 2003 and worked with the Media Computing Group on projects such as image retrieval and annotation. He developed a large-scale image search system iFind. Since 2004, he moved to his current position in the Web Search & Mining Group, and has worked on online image advertisements and large-scale object recognition. Zhiwei is an IEEE and ACM member, and has actively served as program members of ACM Multimedia, WWW, MMM and ICME. He is the author or co-author of more than 30 published papers in fields such as content-based image retrieval, computer vision, Web search and information retrieval. He also holds seven U.S. patents for his innovation in image retrieval, Web search and object recognition technologies.