Zhaowen Wang Present Position A professor of School of Materials & Metallurgy, Northeastern University, Shenyang, Liaoning, P. R. ChinaResearch Interests My research interests are focused largely in the areas of the structure of molten salts at high temperature, high temperature electrochemistry, cermet materials for aluminum electrolysis in nonaqueous (ambient as well as high temperature and oxygen evolution molten salts) environments.(1)Structure of molten salts. The recent research work is to study the structure of cryolite-based(Na3AlF6) molten salts by Raman Spectrum, the cryolite-based(Na3AlF6) molten salts is used as aluminum electrolyte;(2)High temperature electrochemistry.Research on the anode behavior, electron double layer on the anode surface during aluminum electrolysis. And also the conductivity of molten salts electrolyte is concerned;(3)Cermets materials and electrodes for aluminum electrolysis. Inert anodes, such as NiFe2O4-based, NiAl2O4-based cermets materials and SiC-Si3N4 insulation sidewall bricks for aluminum electrolysis were researched several years. Some interesting results were discovered by Prof. Wang. Now a kind of bipolar electrode advanced materials for aluminum electrolysis were studied by him; (4)Industrial energy-saving and waste heat utilization technology, He is studying and developing some technologies for energy-saving and waste heat utilization in aluminum electrolysis.