Hebrew University, Jerusalem, Israel, Natural Sciences, B.Sc., 1978。 Hebrew University, Jerusalem, Israel, Medicine, M.D., 1981。 IDF Computer Academy, Ramat Gan, Israel, System Analysis & Design, System Analyst, 1985。 Bar-Ilan University, Ramat Gan, Israel , Mathematics & Computer Science, M.Sc. studies, 1985-1988。 Yale University, New Haven, CT, Computer Science (A.I.), M.S., 1990。 Stanford University, Stanford, CA, Medical Information Sciences, Ph.D., 1994。 Full Professor Head of the Medical Informatics Research Center Department of Information Systems Engineering 。 My work focuses on defining basic knowledge-based, domain-independent temporal-abstraction mechanisms and the formal knowledge needed to instantiate them in any particular medical domain. Formalization of temporal-abstraction knowledge supports the acquisition, representation, maintenance, reuse, and sharing of that knowledge. I have therefore defined a knowlede-based temporal-abstraction framework, implemented it as the RÉSUMÉ system, and tested it in several clinical domains. The framework has been expanded and embedded in a larger architecture, Tzolkin, which combines temporal-reasoning and temporal-maintenance services. Tzolkin had been used within the EON component-based architecure for guideline-based care. An extension of Tzolkin is the IDAN temporal mediator at Ben Gurion University's Medical Informatics Research Center . I am interested in artificial intelligence in general, and in its uses within medical domains in particular. More specifically, I am interested in temporal reasoning and planning in general, and in clinical decision-support applications in particular. I am also interested in general methods for knowledge representation and knowledge acquisition, and in general, in reusable and sharable, problem-solving methods. Apart from classical artificial intelligence techniques, I am also interested in applications of theoretical computer science techniques to such problems. I also have an interest in medical decision analysis. I also am interested in (therapy) plan generation, revision, recognition and critiquing in clinical domains; I have previously set up the Asgaard project, ongoing in several countries, which investigates these tasks. I am also leading the Digital Electronic Guideline Library (DeGeL) project, which creates a distributed framework for specification, retrieval, and use of clinical guidelines. Finally, I am interested in decision-theoretical aspects of clinical decision making. I have previously led the PANDA project at Stanford University, which applied decision analytic methodologies to the domain of genetic consultation, taking into account the patient's characteristics and personal preferences, and the PANDEX project at BGU, which has implemented these methodologies on the WEB and investigated seevral methods for sensitivity analysis of the recommended optimal decision.