Since November 2013 I am working as a professor at Ghent University, and as a member of the research unit Knowledge-based Systems (KERMIT) of the Department of Mathematical Modelling, Statistics and Bioinformatics. Prior to my return to the university, I was working as lead data scientist for NGDATA, a startup with headquarters in Ghent, specialized in machine learning and big data analytics software for the marketing sector. In the past I have been a postdoctoral fellow of the Flemish Research Foundatiion (FWO-Vlaanderen). In that period I have been a visiting researcher at the University of Marburg in Germany (prof. Eyke Hullermeier) and the University of Turku in Finland (prof. Tapio Salakoski). I hold a M.Sc. degree in Computer Science (2004) and a Ph.D. degree in Engineering (2008) from Ghent University. I did my PhD in the former SYSTemS-group of the Department of Electrical Energy, Systems and Automation.