I'm a Professor ofInteractive Computingat theGeorgia TechCollege of Computingand the Director of theGVU Center. Away from Georgia Tech, I serve on Microsoft's Trustworthy Computing Academic Advisory Board, and served as the Technical Program Chair forCHI 2010in Atlanta, alongside Tom Rodden. I am an ACM Distinguished Scientist and a member of the CHI Academy. My research interests focus on rethinking various aspects of computing infrastructure to enable new types of experiences and, conversely, understanding how current computing infrastructures too often “show through” in the user experience. I'm exploring this theme through a number of projects, which currently include investigating the social impacts of computing (including new technological systems to empower nonprofits and the urban homeless), looking at computer networking through a human-centered lens to understand how to create networking infrastructures that better support domestic use, and exploring more usable and useful approaches to computer security. Most recently, I have begun to explore the role that technology can play in building stronger communities and increasing civic engagement. Broadly, I work at the intersection of Human-Computer Interaction and systems and networking technologies, but consider myself primarily an HCI person.