Thad Starner is a wearable computing pioneer. In 1990, Starner coined the term "augmented reality" to describe the types of interfaces he envisioned for the future, and he has been using a head worn display as part of his daily life since 1993. Thad is a Professor in the School of Interactive Computing at the Georgia Institute of Technology and a Technical Lead on Google's Glass, which was named a "50 Most Influential Gadget of All Time" by Time Magazine. Thad has produced over 500 papers and presentations, and he is an inventor on over 80 awarded United States utility patents. Starner has presented his work at the World Economic Forum, UNESCO, the National Academy of Sciences, and Google I/O. Thad's research has been covered by CBS's 60 Minutes and 48 Hours; ABC's Nightline; PBS's News Hour; NPR's RadioLab, Invisibilia, KQED Forum, and Diane Reim Show; Fox News; CNN Headline News; the BBC; Scientific American; National Geographic; The New York Times; New Scientist; and The Wall Street Journal. He is always looking for a good game of table tennis.