• USA-2000

    In recognition of his fundamental pioneering contributions toward creating a theory and practice of human-computer interaction that integrates computer science and psychological science--through research, texts, lecturing, and creating successful system

Stuart Card is a Xerox Research Fellow and the manager of the User Interface Research group at the Xerox Palo Alto Research Center. His study of input devices led to the Fitts's Law characterization of the mouse and was a major factor leading to the mouse's commercial introduction by Xerox. He and his group have developed a number of theories of human-machine interaction, including the Model Human Processor, the GOMS theory of user interaction, and information foraging theory. They have developed new paradigms of human-machine interaction, including the Rooms workspace manager and the Information Visualizer. The work has resulted in nine Xerox products and the founding of Inxight Software, Inc.

Card is a co-author of the book The Psychology of Human-Computer Interaction, a co-editor of the book, Human Performance Models for Computer-Aided Engineering, and has served on many editorial boards. He has been an adjunct faculty member at Stanford University.