Creating a new kind of fun / activity center focused on social interaction, closer relationships, and new experiences. Google: created Google Desktop - personal indexing and contextual information service with over ¼ billion installs. Personalized web search, content-based ad targeting, ad spam detection, and more. NEC: created CiteSeer - the first automatic citation indexing system for science, Inquirus - metasearch with real-time context analysis, and NewsSeer - personalized news. Research on machine learning, neural networks, deep learning, web analysis, web search, recommendations, artificial markets, and more. Over 50 academic articles receiving over 20,000 citations, including papers in Nature, Science, PNAS, and IEEE Computer. 66 US patents granted covering work at NEC and Google. 10+ projects have received international press, including NY Times, WSJ, Reuters, AP, CNN, BBC, NPR.