I conduct research in human–computer interaction, at the intersection of personal information management, user interface design, ubiquitous computing, and computer-supported cooperative work. My work focuses on helping people to overcome the day-to-day challenges of information overload. As computing has become an increasingly pervasive part of our lives, people now have access to their electronic information across a larger variety of networked devices, in more places, among different groups of friends or co-workers, and while participating in a broader range of activities than ever before. And as access to information increases, so does the amount of information that people create, receive, share…and have to manage. Most of the computing interfaces that people use on a daily basis simply weren’t designed to help us make sense of information at this scale. In my research, I aim to address this problem—I study how people manage their information in the real world, and I design new interfaces and computing systems to minimize the impact of information overload. I’m particularly interested in re-examining the interfaces that we use every day—file browsers, the desktop, our smartphone home screens—and the ways that electronic information is represented within our computing systems in order to help make the next generation of computers more responsive to the ways that people naturally organize and manage their projects, collaborations, and everyday lives. In the past, I have also looked at ways of using smartphones to detect a person’s stress levels using audio signals, and I am continuing to work with faculty and student colleagues on provocative personal informatics systems and technologies to support people with bipolar affect disorder. In my previous jobs, I’ve taught various programming and ubiquitous computing courses, and I at least try to keep up with a few hobbies to stay balanced. I’m always interested in working with motivated students. If you are currently enrolled at CU-Boulder, please email me for more information about signing up for independent study course credits.