8/13 to 3/14 Staff Scientist, UNC-CH, GAMMA group
Research and software development in crowd simulation--Menge crowd
simulation framework (under Prof. Dinesh Manocha).
7/09 to 8/13 Graduate Research Assistant, UNC-CH, GAMMA group
Performed independent and collaborative research in physical
simulation and crowd simulation (under Prof. Dinesh Manocha).
6/06 to 6/08 Graduate Research Assistant, UNC-CH, GAMMA group
Performed research in acceleration structures and collision detection
(under Prof. Dinesh Manocha).
5/07 to 8/07 Intern, Walt Disney Animation Studios
Developed novel algorithms for accelerating continuous collision
detection in in-house cloth simulation system; efforts yielded a 3X
improvement in performance (under Rasmus Tamstorf).
8/05 to 8/06 Undergraduate Research Assistant, University of Utah, SCI
Research in post-processing filters for finite element analysis methods
(under Prof. Mike Kirby).