I'm interested in Research on Linguistic Knowledge Discovery and On-Demand Information Extraction, as well as many related area in Natural Language Processing technologies Recently, I did: My Standard Presentation Slides (10 spring) A co-organizer of 2009 JHU summer workshop on Unsupervized Acquisition of Lexical Knowledge from N-Grams A New York area coordinator of North American Computational Linguistic Olympiad(2009) A co-organizer of Web People Search task 2 (WePS-2) (2008-2009). A tutorial speaker about "Semantic Knowledge Discovery" at Japanese Annual Meeting on NLP, and JHU tutorial (2009). The organizer of NSF Symposium on Semantic Knowledge Discovery, Organization and Use (2008). A tutorial speaker about "Minimally Supervised Knowledge Discovery" at UPM on November 14, 2007. A co-chair for ACL-PASCAL Workshop on Textual Entailment and Paraphrasing which will be held in Prague, in conjunction with ACL-2007. A co-guest editor for Special Issue of Linguisticae Investigationes: Named Entities: Recognition, Classification and Use (2007). A co-organizer for Web People Search task at SemEval (2007). The local arrangement chair for HLT-NAACL06 held in New York City on 4-9 June, 2006.