education Ph.D in Recommender Systems @ DAI-Labor, TU-Berlin 2008-2013 M.Sc. in Foundations of Computing: Algorithms and Logic @ Chalmers 2006-2008 M.Sc.Eng. in Computer Science and Engineering : Cognition Technology and Multimedia @ Chalmers 2001-2008 employment 2016 - : University of Skövde 2014 - 2016: Recorded Future 2014: TU Delft - postdoc 2013 - 2014: CWI - postdoc (Marie Curie fellow) 2008 - 2013: DAI Lab - research assistant 2003 - 2008: Chalmers University of Technology - Course Assistant, Developer 2007: Mecel: Software Engineer I am or have been involved in the following projects: RiVal: Open Source recommender systems evaluation toolkit. CrowdRec: Crowd-powered recommendation for continuous digital media access and exchange in social networks - with Telefonica R&D, Gravity R&D, TU Berlin, Politecnico di Milano, Soundcloud, Moviri, Tuenti. KMuLE: Context-based Movie Recommendation - with Moviepilot. Decision Cockpit: Quantitative Real-Time Organizational IT Risk Management - with T-Labs and Stanford University. SPREE: Community-Based Information Exchange Network - with T-Labs. I started RecSysWiki, was involved in launching the Berlin Recommender Meetup and the Amsterdam Recommender Meetup, I organized the inaugural RecSys Challenge (and three follow-ups), and I am a founding member of the open source project RiVal.