Dr. Steven M. Drucker is a Partner and Research Manager of the Visualization and Interactive Data Analysis (VIDA) group at Microsoft Research (MSR), and an affiliate professor at the University of Washington Computer Science and Engineering Department (CSE). In his 30+ year career, he has published over 100 academic papers, and filed over 130 patents in topics ranging from graphics and interfaces to information visualization.
Common threads in Steven’s work are helping people discover meaning from their data, and developing methods for communicating those discoveries to other people. His analysis tools assist in both analytic and intuitive explorations of large datasets by revealing their underlying patterns and structures. His communication tools help people share their insights from this process in clear and enjoyable ways by leveraging storytelling and natural interaction techniques.
Another thread in Steven’s career is his continuing desire to bring his academic results to the world at large by shaping them into practical tools and products. His SandDance project democratized his work on the visualization of large datasets. His Thumbtack project gave people new and powerful tools to organize and act on information on the web.He has demonstrated his work on stage with Satya Nadella at the Microsoft CEO Summit and with Bill Gates at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES).
Steven is well known for the diversity of his original ideas, having published research contributions in such diverse fields as information visualization, storytelling, exploratory search, multi-user environments, online social interaction, hypermedia research, human and robot perceptual capabilities, robot learning, parallel computer graphics, automatic and human interfaces for camera control, and spectator oriented gaming.