I am now working as a scientist at Yahoo! lab. I did my final defense on Dec 2nd. 2013. Before joining Yahoo! lab, I was a PhD student in the Data and Information Systems (DAIS) Lab at UIUC. My advisor is Professor Kevin Chen-Chuan Chang. I received my Bacholer's degree in Computer Science ACM Honor Class from Shanghai Jiaotong University, China in 2007. Research My research interests include data mining, information retrieval, database system and machine learning. I enjoy building novel information systems and solving interesting and challenging research problems for realizing those systems. Now, I focus on building a novel social network monitoring system, and address many interesting problems, including crawling, indexing, and mining social network. Conferences Rui Li, Shengjie Wang, Kevin Chen-Chuan Chang: Towards Social Data Platform: Automatic Topic focused Monitor for Twitter Stream PVLDB 6(14), 2013 PDF BibTex DataSet Rui Li, Shengjie Wang, Kevin Chen-Chuan Chang: Multiple Location Profiling for Users and Relationships from Social Network and Content PVLDB 5(11):1603-1614, 2012. PDF Slides BibTex Dataset Rui Li, Shengjie Wang, Hongbo Deng, Rui Wang, Kevin Chen-Chuan Chang: Towards social user profiling: unified and discriminative influence model for inferring home locations. KDD 2012:1023-1031 PDF Slides BibTex Dataset Rui Li, Kin Hou Lei, Ravi Khadiwala, Kevin Chen-Chuan Chang: TEDAS: A Twitter-based Event Detection and Analysis System. ICDE 2012:1273-1276 Demo Paper PDF Zhijun Yin, Rui Li, Qiaozhu Mei, Jiawei Han: Exploring social tagging graph for web object classification. KDD 2009:957-966 Huizhong Duan, Rui Li, ChengXiang Zhai: Automatic query reformulation with syntactic operators to alleviate search difficulty. CIKM 2011:2037-2040 Rui Li, Shenghua Bao, Yong Yu, Ben Fei, Zhong Su: Towards effective browsing of large scale social annotations. WWW 2007:943-952 Best Student Paper Candidate Rui Li, Shenghua Bao, Jin Wang, Yong Yu, Yunbo Cao: CoMiner: An Effective Algorithm for Mining Competitors from the Web. ICDM 2006:948-952 Kaifeng Xu, Rui Li, Shenghua Bao, Dingyi Han, Yong Yu: SEM: Mining Spatial Events from the Web. PAKDD 2008:393-404 Rui Li, Shenghua Bao, Jin Wang, Yuanjie Liu, Yong Yu: Web Scale Competitor Discovery Using Mutual Information. ADMA 2006:798-808 Shenghua Bao, Lei Zhang, Erdong Chen, Min Long, Rui Li, Yong Yu: LSM: Language Sense Model for Information Retrieval. WAIM 2006:97-108