Dr. Arriaga is a developmental psychologist in the School of Interactive Computing. She uses psychological concepts, theories and methods to address fundamental topics of Human Computer Interaction and Social Computing. Her current research interest is in the area of chronic care management. Recently she has addressed some of the following questions: how can mobile solutions improve asthma and diabetes management in pediatric patients, how can crowdsourcing aid individuals with autism spectrum disorders and their caregivers and can systems designed with social-cognitive theories be generalizable across clinical domains. My research is at the intersection of HCI and Social Computing. I investigate system design that:

    Address gaps in pediatric chronic care management

    facilitate continuity of care by collecting information about the patient's condition in between scheduled medical visits
    mediate communication between patient and healthcare provider
    foster self-management
    Support the spectrum of individuals with autism and their caregivers
    support independence of individuals with "high functioning autism"
    by exploring the role the crowd can play in expanding their care network