1971 M.D. - University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine 1972 Intern, Internal Medicine - New York and Memorial Hospitals 1974 Resident, Internal Medicine - New York and Memorial Hospitals 1976 Fellow, Cardiology - Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania.Doctor Devereux is Director of the Adult Echocardiography Laboratory at the Weill Cornell Center of the New York Presbyterian Hospital. He has a long-standing clinical and research interest in cardiovascular connective tissue diseases, and has served as Chair of the Professional Advisory Committee of the National Marfan Froundation. In addition to expertise in all aspects of clinical echocardiography, Dr. Devereux conducts extensive research using cardiac ultrasound and other techniques to improve understanding of hypertensive heart disease, valvular heart diseases, cardiac effects of obesity diabetes, the prevalence and mechanisms of cardiovascular diseases in population-based samples and identify genes linked to and potentially responsible for a spectrum of cardiovascular diseases.