Regan L. Mandryk is a Professor of Computer Science at theUniversity of Saskatchewan, in Canada. She pioneered the area of physiological evaluation for computer games in her Ph.D. research on affective computing at Simon Fraser University with support from Electronic Arts. With over 100 papers that have been cited collectively over 4200 times, she continues to investigate novel ways of understanding how people experience interactive technology in partnership with multiple industrial collaborators, but also develops and evaluates games for health (including for special populations such as children with neurodevelopmental disorders and the elderly), interactive technology that fosters interpersonal relationships, and novel interaction techniques. She has been the invited keynote speaker at three international conferences, led the Games research theme in the Canada-wide GRAND Network Centre of Excellence, was the papers chair for the inaugural CHI PLAY conference (and again in 2015, is the technical program chair for 2016, and sits on the steering committee), and is leading the new games subcommittee for SIGCHI.