8+ Yrs of exp in Datacom and Embedded software Working Experience –Involved in System Engineering, Requirements Analysis/Design - handling interfaces within Development Teams. Exposure on customer interfacing –Core expertise in the area of fastpath development –Proficient with debugging and optimization utilities [ gdb, ocount, vtune, oprofile, gcc flags] –Designed and developed fastpath packet processing module for RTP traffic processing for Voice Quality enhance gateway over Cavium 36xx and 56xx –Designed and developed Fastpath packet processing module for TCP traffic processing for internet offload gateway over Cavium 56xx –Designed and developed faspath solution for security gateway with IPSec traffic processing. Designed, developed software based lookup algorithms for SPD, Firewall, Routing. Cipher traffic processing offloaded to Intel Cavecreek offload engine. Architect for the Datapath block concept, formed the basis for Aricent fastpath productization. –Designed, developed fastpath modules for multiple packet gateways solutions across multiple silicon vendors [Cavium, Intel] Well versed with ethernet, ipv4, ipv6 protocols. –Designed and developed packet generator traffic test tool framework. Portable with ease across different architectures –Designed and developed deep packet inspection(DPI) module for data analytics, intrusion detection over Cavium HFA engine. Cavium 63xx and 68xx processor used –Designed and developed a Linux based NFV architecture where in the Linux IP stack was partitioned into multiple network namespaces. Control plane applications running over different namespaces and fastpath traffic generator tool running over default namespace –Familiar with SR-IOV and VMDq architectures . Key areas of expertise –VLAN (IEEE 802.1q,IEEE 802.1ad), TCP/IP, IPv6, STP, DHCP Relay, Octeon 36xx-68XX, Octeon HFA engine, Intel Sandy Bridge, Intel DPDK, Intel Cavecreek , ATCA Chassis –Strong system programming skills in C, Data Structures and Linux OS