Radomír heads the Procedural Imaging Group at Adobe Research. He leads a mix of research teams, senior individual contributors, and one invaluable technical artist. The researchers span areas of 2D and 3D design, image processing, modeling, natural media simulation, generative models (GANs), and HCI. His areas of research are procedural modeling, with a particular focus on interaction with procedural models and casual modeling, rendering, 3D printing, and image evaluation algorithms. Currently, he is focusing on adding intelligence and personalization to design features and workflows.

    Radomír believes that Adobe Research has an efficient and enjoyable model for producing magic features for our products. Many of Adobe Research’s projects start with internships. A typical researcher is involved in 2-6 internships each summer investigating new ideas. Many of those internships lead to university collaboration and results in high quality publications. The close ties with academia allow the researches to keep up to speed with latest academic results but also attract top talent in terms of interns and full time hires. Each researcher has also projects that are in further stages, where the investigation is followed by building a prototype that can be shown to product teams, or the prototype is already successfully sold and the researcher, with possible help from the tech transfer engineer, transfers the technology into a product.

    Radomír’s role is to lead his team and to help the members to define and drive strategies and research themes for the group and the lab, to help team members to choose their projects, and promote the projects as they reach the demoable stage. Since the inception of his group in 2008 his team has shipped many technologies, including