I am the Chief Scientist overseeing and leading the R&D in multiple cloud intelligent services, including Smart Cities, Visual Computing, Satellite Remoting Sensing, Vechicle Networking, and Autonomous Driving at Futurewei Technologies (Huawei Research America). Prior to joining the Futurewei, I was a faculty member and the director of MAPLE (MAchine Perception and LEarning) lab at Computer Science in the University of Central Florida. Before that, I was a Research Staff Member at the IBM T.J. Watson Research Center (Yorktown Heights, NY).
My main research interests include computer vision, pattern recognition, data mining, and multimedia computing. In particular, I am interested in information and knowledge discovery, analysis and aggregation, from multiple data sources of diverse modalities (e.g., images, audios, sensors and text). My research also aims at effectively leveraging and aggregating data shared in an open connected environment (e.g., social, sensor and mobile networks), as well as developing computational models and theory for general-purpose knowledge and information systems. My research results have been published in several venues, including CVPR, ICCV, ACM Multimedia, KDD, ICML, NIPS, IEEE T. PAMI, IEEE T. KDE, Proceedings of IEEE.

I am a Program Committee Chair for ACM MM 2020 and MMM 2016, as well as an associate editor for IEEE Transactions on Image Processing (T-IP), IEEE Transactions on Multimedia (T-MM), IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems for Video Technology, ACM Transactions on Knowledge Discovery from Data (T-KDD), and Elsevier Journals on Pattern Recognition. I am also a member of IEEE Image, Video, and Multidimensional Signal Processing (IVMSP), Multimedia Signal Processing (MMSP), and Visual Signal Processing and Communications (VSPC) Technical Committees. I have served or will serve as Area Chair (Senior Program Committee Member) for ICCV, ACM Multimedia, KDD, CIKM and ICME, as well as Program Committee Member for CVPR, ICCV, NIPS and ICIP. In addition, I have co-edited two special issues of "Deep Learning for Multimedia Computing" and "Big Media Data: Understanding, Search and Mining" for IEEE T. Multimedia and IEEE T. Big Data respecitvely. I am also regularly reviewing for IEEE. T. PAMI, IEEE T. Image Processing, Journal of Machine Learning Rsearch and many other academic journals. I also served as a panelist for NSF, DoE and Sigapore AI program.