Philip Torr won several awards including the Marr prize (the highest honour in vision) in 1998. He is a Royal Society Wolfson Research Merit Award Holder. Recently he together with member of his group have won several other awards including most recently an honorary mention at the NIPS 2007 conference for the paper P. Kumar, V. Kolmorgorov, and P.H.S. Torr, An Analysis of Convex Relaxations for MAP Estimation, In NIPS 21, Neural Information Processing Conference, 2007, and (oral) Best Paper at Conference for O. Woodford, P.H.S. Torr, I. Reid, and A.W. Fitzgibbon, Global Stereo Reconstruction under Second Order Smoothness Priors, In Proceedings IEEE Conference of Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition, 2008 . More recently he has been awarded best science paper at BMVC 2010 and ECCV 2010.

He was involved in the algorithm design for Boujou released by 2D3. Boujou has won a clutch of industry awards, including Computer Graphics World Innovation Award, IABM Peter Wayne Award, and CATS Award for Innovation, and a technical EMMY. He then worked closely with this Oxford based company as well as other companies such as Sony on the Wonderbook project.