In the past, I was conference chair for UIST and IUI, and I was IUI program co-chair in 2013. I regulary review for HCI, semantic web and AI conferences. I figure I should review at least as many papers as I send. I often have at least 2 coauthors, so things should balance out.
Lately, I became interested in promoting Semantic Web in Latinoamerica. In 2012 and 2013 I taught summer courses on Semantic Web in the Universidad de los Andes, my undergraduate college, and Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, both in Bogota, Colombia. Both times I had enthusiastic students and it was a pleasure to teach the course. I intend to go back every summer to teach this class (I would like to do it in Medellin in 2014, and I need an invitation, hint?). I am also working with a team from the Universidad de los Andes in Bogota and Universidad Simon Bolivar in Caracas on a bid to host the 2015 International Semantic Web Conference, yes ISWC, in Latinamerica.