I am a computational linguist with research interests in both computer applications (Natural Language Processing) and language cognition (Computational Psycho-linguistics). My research focuses on building Natural Language Processing tools that work with non-canonical forms of natural language (spoken language, learners, aphasics) and also with low resource languages (endangered languages, dialects). I am interested in both the automatic machine processing of non-canonical language and the cognitive processes underlying that language. Understanding the cognitive aspects of language processing is essential if we are to build language tools that can be intuitive to users. I am currently a Principal Investigator in the Automated Language Teaching and Assessment (ALTA) institute. My work within ALTA focuses on the spoken language of learners of English. I am also funded to work on under-resourced endangered languages as part of the Cambridge Africa programme which partners Cambridge researchers with colleagues in Uganda and Ghana. Other research interests include the computational modelling of first and second language acquisition and language evolution.