I am broadly interested in the measurement, modeling, analysis, design, and evaluation of complex Internet-scale
    systems. In the past, my research has focussed on Internet access networks, trusted cloud computing, peer-topeer and overlay routing systems. My recent research is largely centered around social computing systems, which
    are an emerging class of societal-scale human-computer systems. Popular examples include Facebook, Twitter,
    YouTube, Yelp, eBay seller ratings, Wikipedia and Amazon’s Mechanical Turk. My studies of social computing
    systems attempt to Understand, Predict, and Control the behaviors of their constituent human users and computer
    systems. Specifically, they tackle the challenges associated with assessing the credibility of information shared by
    anonymous online crowds, understanding and controlling privacy risks for users sharing data on online forums,
    understanding, predicting and influencing viral information diffusion on social media sites, and enhancing fairness
    and transparency of data-driven (algorithmic) decision making increasingly being used to model and replace human
    decision making in social computing systems.