• USA-2014

    For contributions to the study of pseudorandomness, derandomization, and cryptography.

  • Israel-2005

    For his work in finding a deterministic logarithmic-space algorithm for ST-connectivity in undirected graphs. Dr. Omer Reingold's paper, Undirected ST-Connectivity in Log-Space, solved one of the most fundamental and central problems in computational complexity, efficiently finding whether there is a path from S to T in a graph. In this paper, Reingold proved a hard theorem that resolves a longstanding, natural problem: that of determining the space complexity of undirected ST-connectivity (thus proving L = SL). For more than 25 years, top theoretical computer science researchers and others have proven partial results aimed at showing that undirected ST-connectivity can be solved deterministically using logarithmic space (the minimal amount of memory one can hope for). Reingold ended this quest.

The Rajeev Motwanit Professor of Computer Science at Stanford‘s theory group. My research career spans various academic institutes and industrial research-labs (see below), all invaluable to my development. Most of all, I am grateful for the wonderful colleagues in each of these institutes,
Was a Principal Research Engineer, Samsung Research America (2015-16). In 2004 I assumed a faculty position in the computer science department of The Weizmann Institute of Science. While on leave from Weizmann, I spent five years (2009-2014) as a Principle Researcher at Microsoft Research Silicon-Valley. During the years 1999-2004, I was a member of AT&T Labs, Florham Park, NJ, and a visiting member of the School of Mathematics, Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton, NJ. In between, I held short visiting positions at Harvard University and Stanford University. Earlier, I completed my PhD and a short period of postdoctoral studies at the Weizmann Institute. My PhD advisor was Moni Naor. During the years 1991-1994, I completed my undergraduate studies at Tel-Aviv University.