Education:  Ph.D., Computer Science, University of Waterloo, June 2008. Thesis subject: Overlap- Free Words and Generalizations. Advisor: Je rey Shallit.  M.Math., Computer Science, University of Waterloo, June 2004. Thesis subject: In - nite Sequences and Pattern Avoidance. Advisor: Je rey Shallit.  B.Sc., Summa cum laude, Computer Science, University of Ottawa, June 2002. Languages: English (native speaker), French (intermediate knowledge). Academic employment:  University of Liege, Discrete Mathematics Group, Postdoctoral Researcher, Jan. 2010{ Current.  University of Winnipeg, Dept. of Mathematics and Statistics, NSERC Postdoctoral fellow, Jan. 2008{Dec. 2009. Other employment:  EMS Technologies, Engineering Assistant, Jun. 2000{Aug. 2001. 1 Teaching:  Instructor, Discrete Mathematics (1st year course), Spring 2008, Fall 2009.  Instructor, Formal Languages and Parsing (4th year course), Fall 2005.  Teaching Assistant, Formal Languages and Parsing (4th year course), Fall 2004, Fall 2006.  Teaching Assistant, Models of Computation (3rd year course), Winter 2004, Winter 2005, Winter 2006, Winter 2007.  Teaching Assistant, Introduction to the Theory of Computing (3rd year course), Fall 2003, Spring 2004, Winter 2005.  Teaching Assistant, Operating Systems (3rd year course), Fall 2002.  Teaching Assistant, Data Types and Structures (2nd year course), Spring 2007.  Teaching Assistant, Principles of Computer Science (1st year course), Winter 2003.