Dr. Mingyao Liu is Director of Institute of Medical Science and a Professor of Surgery, Medicine and Physiology at the Faculty of Medicine, University of Toronto. He is James and Mary Davie Chair in Lung Injury, Repair and Regeneration and Head of Respiratory and Critical Care Research at the Toronto General Hospital Research Institute, University Health Network.

University of Toronto Lung Transplantation Program and Latner Thoracic Surgery Research Laboratories are one of the leading groups in clinical practice and translational research in lung transplantation worldwide. Dr. Liu is a co-founders of this team. His major research is to study the cellular and molecular mechanisms of acute lung injury, especially in lung transplantation. He demonstrated that lung epithelial cells as a source of cytokines in inflammatory response, intracellular signal transduction pathways as therapeutic targets, and roles of multiple cell death pathways in acute lung injury. He has developed nano-particle based drug delivery systems. A drug discovery/delivery pipeline has been developed in the Toronto team, including cell culture for high throughput screening for therapeutic targets, mouse/rat lung transplant models for in vivo testing, and pig lung transplant and ex vivo lung perfusion system for pre-clinical trials.