Prof. Bruynooghe obtained a Ph.D at the Department of Computer Science of the KUL in 1979; the subject of the thesis was logic programming. From 1983 to 2000, he had a permanent research postion at the Belgian National Fund for Scientific Research, doing research at the Department of Computer Science of KUL. His research lead to the creation of the Declarative Languages and Artificial Intelligence research group of which he is still the head. In 2000, due to the reorganisation of the Fund for Scientific Research, he became professor at the KUL. He did work on implementation techniques for Prolog, on intelligent backtracking techniques for Prolog and for solving combinatorial search problems, on program transformation techniques, on abstract interpretation of logic programs, on planning and temporal reasoning, and on inductive logic programming. He published in many conference proceedings and journals, including ACM Trans. on Programming Languages and Systems, ACM Trans. on Computational Logic, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning. He participated in the Programme Committees of several conferences and workshops, including IJCAI95, and many Logic Programming Conferences and was Programme Chair of META90, PLILP92, PLILP93 and ILPS94. From 1991 to 2000, he was Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Logic Programming (Elsevier), and since 2001 Editor-in-Chief of its less expensive alternative, Theory and Practice of Logic Programming (CUP) He actively participated in the ESPRIT projects COMPULOG I (coordinator of the area program development), COMPULOG II, ILP (coordinator together with Luc De Raedt ) and PRINCE (coordinator of the work package "Precompilation and global analysis") and was several years in in charge of the program development area in the Network of Excellence in Computational Logic.