Dr. Levi is a Professor of Medicine at the University of Amsterdam and Dean of the Faculty of Medicine at the Academic Medical Center of the University of Amsterdam. He completed most of his medical training and specialization in medicine in Amsterdam. In 1989 Dr. Levi obtained his PhD cum laude and was subsequently appointed to the Netherlands Royal Academy of Science. He earned his MSc degree at the University of Oxford in evidence-based health care and worked at the University of Perugia, Italy, and the Center for Transgene Technology and Genetherapy of the University of Leuven, Belgium. In 2000 he was appointed Professor of Medicine at the University of Amsterdam and Chairman of the Department of Medicine of the Academic Medical Center, the Netherlands. Dr. Levi has published more than 600 articles in international journals, has been awarded several international research awards, and serves as an associate editor for many international scientific journals. His main research interests are in the area of hemostasis and thrombosis, specifically experimental and clinical studies on the interaction between infection/inflammation and coagulation, new anticoagulants, management of thrombosis, and pro-haemostatic therapy.