• Israel-2014

      For contributions to machine learning, algorithmic game theory, distributed computing, and communication networks.

    Prof. Yishay Mansour got his PhD from MIT in 1990, following it he was a postdoctoral fellow in Harvard and a Research Staff Member in IBM T. J. Watson Research Center. Since 1992 he is at Tel-Aviv University, where he is currently a Professor of Computer Science and has serves as the first head of the Blavatnik School of Computer Science during 2000-2002. He is currently the director of the Israeli Center of Research Excellence in Algorithms. Prof. Mansour has a part-time position at MicroSoft Reaserch in Israel, and has held visiting positions with Bell Labs, AT&T research Labs, IBM Research, and Google Research. He has mentored start-ups as Riverhead, which was acquired by Cisco, Ghoonet and Verix. Prof. Mansour has published over 50 journal papers and over 100 proceeding papers in various areas of computer science with special emphasis on communication networks, machine learning, and algorithmic game theory, and has supervised over a dozen graduate students in those areas. Prof. Mansour was named as an ACM fellow 2014, and he is currently an associate editor in a number of distinguished journals and has been on numerous conference program committees. He was both the program chair of COLT (1998) and served on the COLT steering committee.