I love theories, but I like even more to transfer theories into practice!
I have several research interests and working directions. My current major research interest mainly focuses on general purpose security and quality assurance for deep learning systems. I believe the robust deep learning system would be the key driving force for novel technology of the future. It does not solely rely on the foundational research from the machine learning community, it also highly requires the contribution from software engineering community, security community, etc; the novel interdisciplinary direction so be called Machine Learning Engineering, an extremely exciting and demanding area of the future! We have conducted consecutive works along the general purpose security and quality assurance of DL systems (i.e., testing, analysis, verification, attacks, defenses), to bridge vast demands from industry application and the academic research. Exciting research results would be continuously updated!

In the past, my research interest mainly lies around software engineering and programming language, in particular automated software testing, verification, analysis, evolution, mining, etc. I also worked on green computation and optimization solutions for cloud and big data centers. In addition, I am also interested in genomic data analsyis to uncover life mystery and to search for health solutions through deep learning techniques.