I am an Assistant Professor of the department of Computer Science at the University of Texas at El Paso. I have put on a few mascots over the last few years: Trojan (Virginia State University), Hokie (Virginia Tech), and Bobcat (Montana State University). I am now excited to be a Miner (UTEP). I received my PhD from the Department of CS, Virginia Tech in Summer 2012. My research interests lie in the following areas: data mining and machine learning with a focus on big data, artificial intelligence, text analytics, transfer learning, computational biology, visual analytics, and distributed and parallel computing. All through my research, I emphasize on giving more control to the user during the knowledge discovery phase. Along with development of theoretical algorithmic frameworks, I am interested in building prototypes to solve data mining problems in different disciplines. My research in big data analytics and algorithmics spans application areas in biomedical science, biology, intelligence analysis, social network analysis, sustainability, software engineering, and mechanical engineering.