I'm a self-taught hacker and studied scientist dedicated to the creation of awesomeness
Winner of the Google Developer Group Aachen hackathon together with Alexander Hermans.
Finished Top-10% in the National Data Science Bowl competition with over 1000 participants.
Bildungsfonds scholarship for most promising students.
AICES doctoral fellowship for extremely well-qualified students.
Awarded think-cell student grant in order to visit Meeting-C++ 2014.
Visited MLSS 2014.
Visited DLSS 2015 (30% acceptance rate.)

Skills and Qualifications
Programming Languages
Proficient in C++: more than 15 years of experience in open-source, industry and academia. In-depth knowledge of the STL, object-oriented concepts, design patterns, template metaprogramming, …
Proficient in Python: almost 10 years of experience in open-source and academia. Deep understanding of the LISP-y parts and, of course, duck-typing.
Very good knowledge of Julia, {Java|Coffee}script and HTML+CSS.
Past practical experience with Go, PHP, D, Clojure, Mathematica, Prolog, Matlab, C# and unfortunately Java and M[Sy]SQL.