Associate Editor for Graphical Models (GMOD) Vice President of the Eurographics French Chapter executive board Scientific Program Committee for GI 2011, Siggraph Asia S&P 2010, SMI 2006-2008, 2010, EWNP 2008-2009, SBIM 2008, SPBG 2006-2008 Reviewer for TOG, Eurographics, CGF, CAGD, C&G, CAVW, etc Funded Projects : NatSim (ANR 2006-2009) Reviewer for the ANR (National Research Agency) Expert for the JEI (Jeunes Entreprises Innovantes, french government department of research) Active Collaborations : Marie-Paule Cani (INRIA Rhône-Alpes - France) & Brian Wyvill (University of Victoria - Canada), Mario Botsch (University of Bielefeld - Germany)