Environmental pollutants are pervasive throughout the human food chain. One of the major challenges in environmental chemistry is determining contaminants in situ rapidly and reliably prior to significant changes may occur. Determining chemicals of interest in soil, water, food or organism tissues in situ has the major advantage of minimizing chemical transformations that may occur with transportation to laboratories for measurement.

My research interest lies is coupling chemometric computational methodologies to environmental processes and problems. These include rapid determination of contaminants in food stuffs, coupling of erosion processes with in situ measurements and also applying advanced analytical measurements to ecotoxicological processes. This includes high resolution mapping of contaminants in a range of environmental media.

Following my PhD graduation, I continued my research direction as a full-time postdoctoral researcher. From 2011 to present time, I have worked full-time as a postdoctoral researcher at University of South Australia and the University of Newcastle.