Li Chen’s current research focus is mainly on developing intelligent and personalized decision systems based on advanced data mining and machine learning algorithms to tackle information overload problems. She has been interested in creating recommender systems in various Web domains, including online education (MOOCs), e-commerce, and social networking. She has authored and co-authored over 60 publications, most of which appear in high-impact journals (such as TOCHI, UMUAI, TIST, TIIS, KNOSYS, Behavior & Information Technology, AI Magazine, and IEEE Intelligent Systems), and key conferences in the areas of data mining (SIGKDD, SDM), artificial intelligence (IJCAI, AAAI), recommender systems (ACM RecSys), user modeling (UMAP), and intelligent user interfaces (IUI, Interact). She has also been serving in a number of journals and conferences as guest editor, organizer, PC member and reviewer (e.g., ACM TIST, ACM TIIS, IJEC, TOCHI, IEEE IS, ACM CHI, UMAP, IUI, ACM RecSys, etc.).