Lei Zhang is a lead researcher in the Web Search & Mining Group at Microsoft Research Asia in Beijing, and an adjunct professor of Tianjin University. He currently directs a team pursuing new research directions on social media search. Team projects include user-created content analysis, structured website analysis, web-scale image annotation, and travel search. Results are targeted toward new advanced services in the delivery of intelligence and insight to Web users. Lei joined Microsoft Research Asia in 2001 and worked with the Media Computing Group on key projects such as image classification, red-eye detection, face detection and annotation. He developed a highly efficient and robust face-detection algorithm that uses a large-scale distributed system for machine learning. The face-detection technology was successfully transferred to many Microsoft products, including Vista, Media Center, and Digital Image Suite. Since 2004, he moved to his current post in the Web Search & Mining Group, and has worked on large-scale systems related to search and multimedia. Projects include building the RankBase system for training a new dynamic ranker and conducting experiments, and developing a scalable search-based image-annotation system. Lei is an IEEE and ACM member, and has served as program co-chair of MMM 2010, and served on international conference program committees, including ACM Multimedia, WWW, SIGIR, WSDM, ICME, MMM, PCM, etc. He is the author or co-author of more than 80 published papers in fields such as content-based image retrieval, computer vision, Web search and information retrieval. He also holds ten U.S. patents for his innovation in face-detection, red-eye reduction and image retrieval technologies. Lei earned a B.S. and M.S. in Computer Science from Tsinghua University, in 1993 and 1995. After graduate school, he joined the China Post Academy and helped develop automatic guided vehicles for use in postal sorting centers and a GPS-based tracking system employed in postal vehicles. He later returned to Tsinghua University, and was awarded a doctorate in Computer Science in 2001.