I'm Kurtis Heimerl, Assistant Professor at the University of Washington. I work with the wonderful students in the Change and ICTD groups. I work broadly on the space of technology for poverty alleviation, specifically Internet Access. I have published widely, including top conferences such as ICTD, CHI, and NSDI. I was a recipient of the 2014 MIT “35 under 35” award, the 2018 UW early career Diamond Award, and won “Best Paper” awards at both CHI and DySPAN. I occasionally publish on the UWCSE ICTD Blog
My major research focus is on the topic of rural Internet access, with a focus on cellular technologies. My thesis topic was the The Village Base Station (VBTS), a low-cost, low-power cellular system (based off OpenBTS). Our goal is to provide community cellular: local, community-owned cellular networks in areas without existing cellular coverage. We started a company to commercialize this research, Endaga, which then joined Facebook.