My passion has always been, and always will be, predictions. During my PhD and my work in Microsoft Research I was leading research in the field of Web Dynamics and Temporal Information Retrieval. I developed algorithms that leverage web knowledge and dynamics to predict future events, that enable early warning of globally impactful events (e.g. riots or diseases) by spotting clues in past and present news reports. Currently, I am thrilled to be the CTO and Co-founder of SalesPredict, one of the fast-growing companies in Israel, with global presence and sales. We lead the predictive marketing industry and strive to build the next generation business operating system. I am passionate about our vision of "Automatic Data Science": an on-going effort to create a product that is completely automated without the need for an expert in the loop. I write about the application of Predictive Analytics both for general good (Predictive Analytics Blog) and in business (HBR articles). I remain involved in research activities including: publishing work, organizing workshops and tutorials, and speaking at the world's leading data mining conferences, WWW, SIGIR, AAAI and WSDM among others, and serve as a visiting Professor at the Technion.