My recent research is focused on un/semi-structured relational and sequential data analytics and learning, especially for graphs and images (embedding and matching) and temporal sequence (point process and RNN models). I am currently an research professor (PI) with Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Shanghai Jiao Tong University and also the founder of the ThinkLab in SJTU. I am also the member of SJTU Artificial Intelligence Institute and teaches at SJTU Zhiyuan College for ACM Class.

Before joining SJTU, I technically led a team on cognitive IoT for delivering IBM's analytics product and solution based on image and other sensor data with IBM Research - China. I am also the founder of the SDALA lab affiliated with the institute of AIDA@ECNU, whose members are graduate students from ECNU, SJTU and THU when I was with ECNU as an adjunct post-doc researcher during 2015-2018. I coadvised three master students in ECNU and help them publish 2 AAAI paper and 1 ICMR paper in two years, all are first-authored by students.