My dissertation explored issues of identity transformation in digital narratives and story-based games. I drew on theories of method acting training to investigate how to support the experience of transforming into a character in a digital narrative. I currently write on embodied game interfaces, tangible storytelling, design fiction, steampunk, game-based-learning, virtual worlds, nonverbal communication, sustainability, and DIY and Maker Culture. I am passionate about geek culture and media: I love games, comic books, television, and movies. I make art, costumes, and other fun things under the umbrella of Tanenbaum Fabrications, with my wife, Karen Tanenbaum.
Professor Tanebaum's work draws on theories from theater and dance to explore the connections between performance and play. He also researches embodied interfaces, tangible and wearable computing, design fiction and steampunk, and maker and DIY cultures.