I am a (full) Professor in the School of Computing and Communications at Lancaster University, England, and am also Chair of Software Engineering. I lead and manage a number of large funded interdisciplinary research projects investigating how digital technologies (mobile computing, social networking, data analytics, etc.) can promote social change. My methodology is to work in collaboration with civil society groups to jointly imagine, build and evaluate next generation digital solutions to social issues. In the last five years, I have obtained over £5M in research funding for these activities. My work has been published in world-leading conferences and journals in human-computer interaction, software engineering, and social science. I have a passion for working across traditional disciplinary boundaries. I am interested in tackling challenging problems that can only be addressed by bringing together expertise from engineering, physical and social sciences. I have initiated and led a number of large interdisciplinary projects. This has led me to work with sociologists, psychologists, economists, health professionals, anthropologists, and linguists, to name a few. I enjoy working on problems of real societal significance using whatever disciplinary techniques are most appropriate for the job at hand. As well as my expertise in managing large research projects, I have also carried out a number of important administrative roles in the higher education sector: these include serving on the Management Group and Strategy Group for my School, acting as Director of Finance for the School, and being responsible for managing relationships with one of Lancaster University's overseas partner institutes of higher education in India. I believe strongly in maintaining a healthy work/life balance. Outside work, I am an award winning playwright and I perform dance regularly at various community events. I have a keen interest in community theatre.