I’m an Associate Professor in the UW Allen School, a Sloan Fellow, and NSF CAREER Awardee. My research is in Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) with a focus on high-value social domains such as accessibility, environmental sustainability, and STE(A)M education.
During my PhD, I was honored to receive a Microsoft Research Graduate Fellowship and the 2010 College of Engineering “Graduate Innovator of the Year” award. My PhD dissertation entitled “Sensing and Feedback of Everyday Activities to Promote Environmental Behaviors” earned distinctive recognition including the 2012 University of Washington Distinguished Dissertation Award, the William Chan Memorial Dissertation Award, and an Honorable Mention for the national 2012 Council of Graduate Schools Distinguished Dissertation Award in Mathematics, Physical Sciences, and Engineering. One part of my dissertation on new water sensing techniques, called HydroSense, was patented, licensed, and commercialized by Belkin, Inc.
During my graduate studies, I had the opportunity to intern at a number of great research labs including Telefonica Research in Barcelona, Microsoft Research in Redmond, and Intel Research in Seattle. In 2004, I completed a MS in Information and Computer Science from the University of California, Irvine where I was advised by Paul Dourish. From 2012-2017, I was an Assistant Professor in CS at the University of Maryland in College Park.