My name is John Vines. I'm a Lecturer in the School of Computing Science at Newcastle University, where I am based in the Digital Interaction group in Culture Lab. My teaching and research is focused on Interaction Design Methods in the context of digital civic participation, engagement and inclusivity. In general, my research is all about the ways in which people interact with and through digital technologies and the various human experiences, values, aspirations and practices surrounding digital technology. I specifically focus on investigating methods used to create and design digital technologies, particularly when users, citizens and participants are involved in the design process. I have undertaken research on design methods in a wide-range of contexts, including social care, independent living, health care, and citizen science. On this site you will find some useful information about me - such as my research interests, my publications, and my reflections on research, technology and design (when I get around to doing them). I am also Co-Director of Mutable Objects, a human-centered technology design consultancy that provides design and technical development services grounded in qualitative studies and co-creation with stakeholders. To find out more about my background visit here.